Brick/Concrete Cleaning

Brick was blasted with glass and sand.





The Dustless glass blaster plays a instrument role when cleaning brick and concrete. The blaster is a perfect tool for cleaning and de-painting masonary products like brick,concrete,center block and stone. I can remove graffiti or several layers of paint at the same time. The Dustless Blaster is also excellent for removing calcium stains and mildew, oil stains, gum, and line stripes can also be removed from concrete and asphalt from parking lots, sidewalks and roadways.


With the dustless blaster I have full control over the blast pressures and even the abrasive flow. This allows me to blast almost any substrate without damage. Take a look at the picture above, showing the results of a dustless glass blaster vs. a traditional sand blaster. The sand severely etched the brick, while the recycled bottle glass and water from the dustless blasting system did not damage, but very effectively removed the paint from the brick.

Removing Concrete Sealer From Concrete.
In Process of cleaning sealer from Drive.
Test for Cleaning asphalt from concrete
In progress cleaning of concrete.
Cleaning discolored stone wall.
Graffiti Paint Removal
Efflorescence Removal from Brick
Parking lot painted line removal

Concrete Before Cleaning

Concrete After Cleaning

Concrete cleaning

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